Life Coaching is  collaboration between a client and their coach where clients define their own goals, choices, and decisions. A coach doesn't tell their client what they should do, but instead helps the client understand what choices best suit them, providing tools to help the client make decisions.


Therapy focuses on issues that are known as “below the surface” -- issues that are deeper and perhaps seeded in trauma or disorders. Therapy is often past focused, helping individuals heal the past to help the current. 

Consulting is about fixing things and giving direction. Consultants tell you what to do, and either results happen or they don’t. Consulting is about giving answers.

Therapy, Consulting, and Coaching can all go hand in hand, but it's important to understand the difference. 

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My name is Gina Erickson, and I'm an ICF certified life coach and CEO of Clear Focus Coaching. I specialize in helping my clients design a purposeful roadmap focused on creating boundaries, breaking down goals into consumable pieces, and discovering what motivates them.

I bring a holistic approach to my work, always focusing on the bigger picture - on the opportunity instead of the obstacle and the solution instead of the problem. In my coaching practice, I provide my clients with the tools, strategy, and support they need to become the best version of themselves and find the balance we all strive for.

I always felt like my purpose was to help other people  and there is nothing that feeds my soul more than that. I am familiar with feelings of inadequacy, burnout, the constant pressure of doing what you’re “supposed” to do, and losing the courage to take a leap of faith towards the life you want to live. My path to a more purposeful life was a painful one. My intention is to help others navigate life's challenges as smoothly and effectively as possible.


I bring accountability and strategy to the table, unearthing realistic solutions to any problem. Instead of beautiful motivational lines that simply sound good, I challenge my clients to take real action. I strive for real connections and have a deep understanding of human psychology, which makes me skilled at guiding you to the areas of life you may be ignoring.


If you choose to work with me, you’ll encounter an empathetic, laid-back, and honest professional who loves puns, doing my best to make every coaching session a meaningful experience. 

If working with me sounds like a treat, book a complimentary intro session and see where the conversation takes us!