Clear Focus Coaching is taking leave for the unknown future. We plan to return to our practice in fall of 2023. Please feel free to reach out if you would like alternative coaching recommendations. 

Be well. 

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Clear your mind. Focus on what matters. Reach your goals.

Introducing a better way of being. Clear Focus provides you with the tools you need to redefine your mind so that you can create the space necessary for important positive shifts in your life.



A clear mind is a healthy, productive mind capable of achieving any goal you set. My mission is to help you improve your mental focus and get results in every aspect of your life. If you're ready to make a change, book your complimentary session and let’s see if we click!

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Certified Life Coach

Hi! My name is Gina Erickson. I am an ICF certified life coach and founder of Clear Focus Coaching (CFC).  I am a type A, enneagram 6, Taurus and belong to the Hufflepuff house. 

Here’s a translation if those things mean nothing to you: I am an organized, loyal and empathetic human who has found her calling in lifting others up in a calm and strategic manner. 

Now wait, let me clarify my role here:  So what is a life coach? Thanks to the interwebs and launch of social media, coaching has turned into a billion-dollar industry in the past few years and continues to grow.  Which means people are getting the support they need. 

However, I prefer to call myself a life strategist.  My attitude towards the work is around listening, learning and helping clients sort out life's muck we all get stuck in. 

How is my approach at CFC different? 

I am here to put your life’s anxieties into perspective while also giving you the tools & resources needed to move forward. 

There will be no aggressive inspirational quotes or yelling ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’ while chugging coffee and making insane todo lists.  (Which by the way, not a bad way to life coach, just not MY jam). 

This will be work. The fun part is not the end result, but the growth that happens along the way. 

This will be fun. I find the best in the toughest of situations. I am here to bring light and humor to those moments of darkness from my own experiences. 

There’s always a light at the end of every life challenge. I am here to put together a plan and help throughout the journey to see the most positive results. 




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Gina helped me generate a clear, concise vision for my new business and I left the session with two specific action items I needed to pursue in order to advance my business. Highly recommended!

R.P., Woodbury, MN